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Sound Solutions for Noise Problems

We have become the go-to company for acoustic treatments within the education sector offering a free of charge site survey and modelling service followed by our expert installation service for GP halls, sports halls and classrooms all over the island of Ireland. We also have extensive experience in the area of acoustic insulation with parti walls, ceilings and floors of domestic residential properties, pubs, nightclubs and engine rooms.
We work extensively with the country‚Äôs leading consultants, architects, engineers to provide the most practical and cost effective solutions to suit each individual project. 
A large amount of our recent installations have involved retro fitting. This link will show you a room before we fitted   Fabric Panels. This link will show you the room after we fitted Fabric Panels . These panels are so easy to fit, No maintenance required after fitting, No electrical or mechanical services required. Without a doubt the most cost effective solution for any Reverberation ( Echo ) problems in buildings.

ABCOR Acoustic Panels for Schools

acoustic panels that are high specification sound absorbing, aesthetically pleasing, excellent performance, BB93 compliant


Timber Acoustic Panels

highly impact resistant timber panels, aesthetically pleasing, durable, excellent performance, resonating wooden panel


Sound Insulation

proven sound proofing solutions. Non-woven, non-stretch synthetic membrane for wall cavities applications