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The Office of Public Works had recently occupied a building at Belview, Dublin Road, Mullingar, Co.Meath. Since occupying the building, a number of complaints had been received in relation to the poor acoustic environment within the Staff Canteen space.
The space in question is essentially a rectangle of approx 55m2 with a small kitchen area recessed in one corner, with a consistant ceiling height of 3.2m compiling of the following surface finishes: Floor - Industrial Vinyl : Ceiling - Plasterboard with liner paper and painted : Walls - Plasterboard on Cavity and Painted : Double Glazed Windows on external walls.

AWN Consulting
had been commissioned to review the room acoustics of the space and to offer guidance on potential remedial measures that could be incorporated into the space to improve the current situation.
The Tmf within the space measured some of 1.7 seconds. This level is some  0.9 seconds above the design goal adopted for the space.
The desired Tmf for this space should be in the region of 0.8 seconds.

The recommended treatment for this space was as follows: Wall Treatment 11.5m2 - Ceiling Treatment 10m2
Again, having the wall panels set at head height, increases the acoustic performance within the room.

Wall 1: A line of abCOR-Original Grey Panels flush fixed 6m wide  x 1m high x 50mm thick
Wall 2: ( Adjacent Wall ) abCOR-Original Grey Panels flush fixed 3m wide x 1m high x 50mm thick
Wall 3: Kitchen area abCOR-Original Grey flush fixed 1.5m wide x 1m high x 50mm thick
Ceiling: abCOR-Original White Panel 1m x 1m x 50mm thick Suspended with Mechanical Fixings giving a 50mm shadow gap.

The ceiling panels were fixed and not glued due to the fact that the ceiling will be replaced in a years time. This meant the panels could be removed and re-installed .

Once again, a very happy client. So much so, we received a Glowing testimonial from Eamonn Guilfoyle, Assisstant Principal of Dept of Social Protection - Midlands North Division.
this testimonial is currently displayed on our Home page and well worth a read.