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The HSE occupy a large number of buildings throughout the country. In this particular case, the canteen room is shared by almost 50 staff at a time and becomes an extremely busy and noisy environment to take a break. Its an interesting and very common problem within spaces like this.

The main problem lies with a high frequency echo or in this case a Flutter Echo that bounces off the reflective surfaces in the room at 343.2 meters per second.
This frequency will irritate people suffering from inner ear infections, Tinnitus, Vertigo and so on.

The treatment for this is a very simple installation.
We have a rectangle space measuring 7.6 m x 6 m x 2.6 m . The walls are plasterboard on cavity and painted - The floor is vinyl - The ceiling is an Armstrong Suspended Ceiling Tiles Grid - and there are approx 6m2 of double glazed windows and solid doors..

Even though the ceiling has an acoustic coefficient, you still need to treat a certain amount of wall space to counteract the Flutter Echo.

In this case we treated the long wall and a section of the short wall, reducing the room Tmf down to 1.1 seconds and removing the Flutter Echo.

The product used was abCOR-Original in Grey. This product works extremely well in this environment as a Class A absorbor and ticks all the boxes from a Health & Safety point of view, due to fact that the panels are bevelled and offer a soft impact, should people knock off them, plus there are NO fibers being used.

HSE Canteen Parkgate St