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Marine House, is a red brick face office building with stunning views on to the Canal at Clanwilliam Place, Dublin 2.
abCOR Elite Shetland Colour Cara Fabric
With great views, comes large amounts of glass which then result in a lack of external wall surface to work with when you require an acoustic treatment.
The ceiling was a design of exposed intricate mechanical and electrical services suspended and all painted black, very cool detail with additional suspended ceiling light rafts.

The only space available for treaing this large open plane office environment is below the external run of windows, giving us 730 mm high to work with from pillar to pillar.

The architects on this project RKD Architects where very definate on their requirements and detail.
They wanted a continuous band of acoustic panels running the full exterior wall, seemless between the structural pillars, NO gaps.

The fit-out company on this project Sonica Fit-Out, again as in previous projects delivered the architcets brief to us with no compromise on design and detail.

We installed the abCOR-Elite system, the sleek adonized aluminium profile allowed the acoustic panels to blend into the building.

The profile bottom track ran along the top of the electrical ducting just above floor level, with the top track finishing just under the aluminium frame of the windows.
The walls were in a bad way, which meant we had to batten out with 9mm MDF in parts to bring out the 18mm profile to finish with the windows and allow the installation of 25 mm thick acoustic foam.
We then installed the fabric, stretched between the top, bottom and side tracks. The chosen fabric in this case was a Camira fabric - Cara "Shetland" EJ191
This gave the finished look of ONE complete fabric acoustic panel most of which were 5 meters long , however one of the panels reached 7.3 meters long x 730 mm high, again NO joints or gaps.

This product gives a great finish to old walls, from a distance you would think the walls were painted, flawless finish, very neat, no mess, no need to replaster existing poor wall finishes.