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Acoustic Panels Image
Areas Most Commonly Effected: 
  1. Classrooms 
  2. Sports Halls
  3. Congregation Areas ( Canteens, Receptions etc..)
Problems caused by noise and poor Acoustic Design in Educational settings have been recognized for over 100 years !

Despite the introduction of various guidelines over the years, many schools are still built which are proven to be Acoustically  "Unfit for purpose" with high noise levels and reverberant conditions, creating difficulties for both pupils & teachers !

If noise levels are too high or rooms are too reverberant, pupils find it difficult to hear and understand their teachers !

These issue's with Acoustic Design have a detrimental effect upon pupils learning & academic performance, as well as causing problems with hearing, speaking & understanding in all educational settings !

Stress levels in teachers go up, while academic performance in students go down !
Unwanted Sound Waves Have a Physical Effect !

Acknowledgement of this issue is the first step in "Designing Schools For The Future & Modifying Our Existing Educational Settings"