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noisy neighbours
Did you know, sound travels 15 times faster through steel than air? When it comes to soundproffing a room or reducing noise transfer from one room to another, we are often asked the same questions like: "what can I do to this Wall to stop the sound going through to the room on the other side?" When we reply with "It may not be a problem with your wall" (more often than not is isn't a Wall issue).... people are amazed.

At this moment we will point out the various other structures that are contributing to the problem of Noise Transfer, such as the floor, the ceiling joists, HVAC Ducts, plumbing pipes, electrical ducts and other shared walls. Don't get me wrong, you can make changes and increase the STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) dramatically for that wall, but the result might be marginal because the majority of the sound is getting through elsewhere.

Have a think about these senarios before you waste money on the wrong treatment of Noisy Neighbours or Privacy in your Brand New Home Cinema.