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Fact 1. Navigate with it...( if you're a bird )
We know that many animals, like bats, navigate with supersonic sound waves. But until recently, scientists couldn’t figure out exactly how birds were able to fly such huge distances and find their way back home. In 1997, 60,000 birds got lost during a pigeon race from France to England when they crossed the path of a Concorde jet. Instead of wondering aloud why people were racing thousands of pigeons for entertainment, geophysicist Jonathan Hagstrum decided that the low-level sound made by the jet (imperceivable to humans) was messing up their compasses. By analyzing a series of studies, Hagstrum concluded that birds create “sound maps” to navigate, and irregular terrain or man-made objects could alter a bird’s course by accident. So next time your friend challenges you to a pigeon race, shoot his with a Long Range Acoustic Device. That’ll teach ‘em! Also it will probably kill it.