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Wound Healing By Sound
Fact 3: Heal A Wound
Speaking of medicine, what if you found yourself with a gaping wound that needed to be seared? Simple: just shoot yourself with a high-intensity focused ultrasound beam! A HIFU Transducer is a device that can be used to focus acoustic energy so much so that it creates heat, akin to how holding a magnifying glass up to the sun can burn a hole in the driveway. As a University of Washington professor of surgery puts it, “You can basically do the same thing with ultrasound.” The device can heat an area as small as a grain of rice to hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit, and in one study it was able to seal punctured lungs in pigs with a 95% success rate. In two minutes. This is a huge step for non-invasive surgery. Plus, it will give bored suburban kids one more creative way to torture ants.